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3 August, 2021 - 22:30

10.30 p.m in the Parc de la Riera, Vila-seca

With the Trabucaires del Comú de Vila-seca

Limited capacity. Acces 1 hour before the start of the event.

See security measures. *


– Wear cotton clothes, preferably old, with long sleeves and pants.

– Wear a hat with wings that covers the whole head and cover the neck with a cotton handkerchief.

– Protect your eyes.

– Wear appropriate footwear (sports, mountain, etc.)

– Be careful to cover your ears to reduce the noise of pyrotechnic explosions.

– Do not ask neighbors for water.

– Obey the instructions of the public order and health services.

– It is forbidden to bring private pyrotechnic products, and only those prepared by the organizers must be used.

– Respect fire figures, their bearers and musicians.

– Adopt a correct attitude towards the devils and do not obstruct the passage or make them fall.

– Follow the directions of the devils at all times.

– Find out before the start of the correfoc route and the health care points.

– In case of burns, go immediately to the health care points.

– In case of danger, follow the instructions of the devils.


– Remove all vehicles from the streets of the route.

– Lower the metal portals or blinds in the buildings that have them.

– Protect the glass of windows, doors and shop windows with thick cardboard.

– Roll up all the external awnings of the houses and premises.

– Do not throw water at participants or spectators of the correfoc because of the danger it represents.

– Turn off all alarms.

– Remove from the public road any object that may hinder the passage of actors, organizers and participants in the correfoc.


– The organization warns people with hearing problems or sensitivity hearing, especially the elderly and children, who take precautionary measures in the acts in which the trabucaires participate.

– Attendees are advised to wear hearing protection.

– Do not light anything or smoke near bags containing gunpowder.

– The space where the fire group performs should not be invaded or caught or disturbed none of its members.

– The body must not be placed on the vertical of the preloaded weapons in windows and balconies.


3 August, 2021


Parc de la Riera